New Years Eve Oliebollen

Oliebollen is a fruit dumpling which we eat on New Years Eve, drenched in icing sugar. Nana used to cook enormous olly balls, piled high on a large delph platter. I saw a photo on facebook yesterday (posted by another Kamp) and I remembered I had my Nanas original recipe taped into my cookbook. Here it is – along with a bonus recipe for a Boterletter, another family favourite at Christmas. Our Boterletter is in a horseshoe shape, iced, and decorated with glazed cherries.

(Note to family – if you look closely you can see Nana typed this on the reverse of a J G Kamp Ltd letterhead from Newlands, Wellington, so it makes this bit of paper circa 40 years old!)


Note: If you are using fast acting yeast sachets – a 7g sachet will suffice as the equivalent for fresh yeast.

This is what the mix should look like before resting:

Don’t make them too large or the dough won’t be cooked through. This quantity of dough mixture will make around 18 small / medium Oliebollen as it puffs out when it cooks.

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