About Me

I’m a working mum and a hobby cook. I have always loved to cook, first taught by my Nana who was self taught and later inspired by my Dad who is a professional. I was lucky enough to ditch the desk job a few years back and head off to Ballymaloe Cookery School. I had visited Ballymaloe on a day course long before; a birthday present from the hubby. I absolutely fell in love with the place and vowed I would be back to do the 3 month residential course. After two abandoned resignations I finally got there in 2007. Two babies and one global financial crisis later I’m back behind the desk living out my culinary dreams in my spare time.

I’ve been threatening to write a cook book for years. But with the job, a gaggle of kids and pets to look after there just never seemed to be enough time to get those scrappy recipes into order. And so the blog was born. When life gets hectic the blog takes a back seat, but most of the time the recipes I post are what I’ve cooked up for the family that day and managed to get a half decent photo of.

If the recipes work for you (and especially if they don’t) I’d love to hear from you,
Happy Cooking!