Food has always been an integral part of our family life, it’s the centre of many a family occasion and when the kids came along it wasn’t always so easy to have a relaxed meal out. So I’m frequently found in the kitchen, it’s a bit like a safe haven, a place to relax and contemplate. I’m lucky – coming from a family of self taught and professionally trained cooks, so I don’t have to think too hard about what I’m cooking. For others though, cooking can be challenge, especially when faced with a recipe which calls for an ingredient you don’t have. Not knowing how to substitute or omit ingredients is enough for some people to ditch the recipe altogether. I hope this site will help in that regard.

As a working mum, time can also be a challenge so I will share some of the recipes which are really quick and healthy too. Some of the fastest recipes are those which recycle yesterdays meal, in a new and tasty way. The cost benefit of buying raw, cooking from scratch and recycling to reduce food waste is something I feel really strongly about.

Finally, real butter, sugar and cream etc will feature regularly, they are pure natural ingredients and deserve a place at our table over ultra processed food. However, as I have gotten older I have started to appreciate the need to eat a more balanced diet. Hopefully there is a little of everything here to suit everyone.


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