Handy Equipment

Kitchen Equipment

Here are my tools which help things along in the kitchen:

  • I use Allclad pots and pans, they are stainless steel and often are one piece, so you don’t end up with wobbly handles. They are expensive but worth it as they last a life time. Mine are currently 10 years old and still look brand new. They have a great range, including some really huge pans which are great for Paella.
  • A micro plane or fine grater is used every day in my kitchen, I use it for parmesan, nutmeg and chocolate most commonly. It gives a super fine result really quickly
  • A food processor with a decent size engine is a must have, and negates the need for a cake mixer as you can do pretty much everything in the processor. My current one is a Magimix, I don’t use half of the attachments, but when I’m cooking and want a consistently fine result its much quicker than doing it by hand.
  • Pastry brushes in different sizes
  • A heavy rolling pin
  • A very large ceramic bowl for bread dough
  • A piping bag with a variety of nozzles
  • A mandolin is really handy for getting a super fine slice, I use mine mainly for gratin potatoes, slithers of beetroot and cucumber.

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