My journey

I’m a working mum and a hobby cook. I have always loved to cook, first taught by my Nana who was self taught and later inspired by my Dad who was a professional. I was lucky enough to ditch the desk job a few years back and head off to Ballymaloe Cookery School. I had visited Ballymaloe on a day course long before; a birthday present from the hubby. I absolutely fell in love with the place and vowed I would be back to do the 3 month residential course. After two abandoned resignations I finally got there in 2007. Two babies and one global financial crisis later I’m back behind the desk living out my culinary dreams in my spare time.

I’ve been threatening to write a cook book for years. But with the job, a gaggle of kids and pets to look after there just never seemed to be enough time to get those scrappy recipes into order. Not Posh Food was born in 2015 – as a way to preserve our family recipes at a time when Nana was no longer able to remember then. It is now a repository for family, friends and strangers to access simple nutritious recipes. When life gets hectic the blog takes a back seat, but most of the time the recipes I post are what I’ve cooked up for the family that day and managed to get a half decent photo of. Sometimes I’m in such a rush to get the food on the table I don’t get a decent shot – which is while you will see some stock images included. I do my best to source images which accurately represent how the dish looked. I pay the royalties on these images and always credit the very talented individuals from around the world who created them. 

More recently, I have become a lot more interested in nutrition. I had an introduction to nutrition when I studied at Ballymaloe, and I am currently doing a certificate in Nutrition and Mental Health, with Professor Julia Rucklidge. My interest in this space was piqued when I undertook a 30 Days to Healthy Living Programme in conjunction with Arbonne. I had been introduced to the programme by a school friend. She had undergone a very fundamental health transformation following the programme. This interested me, as I have a busy life and an often stressful corporate job. I wanted to start the new year back at work with a plan to to manage my health better and achieve optimal performance at work. The programme is not a “quick fix,” it is designed to help you establish healthy habits that last. One of the links provided during the programme was Dr Laura Millard, who outlined the relationship between our gut health, our immune system and ultimately our brain. I found this really fascinating, particularly since after completing the programme I was feeling really great – both in my body and in my head. A placebo effect? Possibly, but after 8 weeks of maintaining (most of the time) the new habits I had formed, I was still feeling great and I had other benefits such as improved clarity of thought, improved sleep, no headaches, stronger nails and I had lost on average 1kg per week. 

I am now an advocate for Arbonne products. The reason why I chose Arbonne? Sustainability and transparency is important to me and Arbonne is a Certified B Corporation, the products are vegan, cruelty free and formulated without gluten. They are easily accessible online in many parts of the world.  Arbonne has an open books approach and if you choose to purchase products it is important for you know that as an Arbonne advocate I can purchase my own products at a discounted rate and I earn commission on any product sales I make through my own Arbonne site which you can access here.

Before you make any changes to your diet or your exercise regime it is important you do your research, and consult your GP. Everybody is different and as a result of this, different people will experience different results.  

If the recipes work for you (and especially if they don’t) I’d love to hear from you,
Happy Living!