My Kitchen Bible

From safety to storage and a few other bits in between!

Kitchen Safety


  • Don’t defrost meat, cook it then refreeze what you’ve made as there is an increased risk of bacteria
  • Don’t store onions in the fridge, the smell permeates through all manner of other foods. If you only use half an onion just wrap it up in film or store in an airtight container. You’ll need to use it within a day or two as onions and air don’t mix
  • Strawberries and eggs are particularly vulnerable to absorbing aromas from other foods like onions and garlicky left overs. We go through strawberries and eggs really quickly so they are kept in the pantry. If you must refrigerate transfer them into an airtight container
  • Don’t have your pot handles poking outwards from the hob. This avoids something hot being pulled on top of a little one by ensuring your pot handles are facing towards the back of the hob
  • Don’t put your kitchen knives in the dishwasher. The steam from the dishwasher slowly warps the wooden handles and allows the steel to come loose. It also makes the knives blunt faster
  • Don’t store a wet chopping board in a confined space or you will get mould trapped in the board (same rule applies to pastry brushes) I pop mine on a paper towel in the airing cupboard so they are completely dry

Kitchen Safety 2


  • Invest in a sharpening steel and get into the habit of a quick sharpen before you start
  • Wash your hands before any food preparation
  • Throw your dishcloth and drying towels in the wash at the end of every day
  • Be aware of best before dates but use your senses (taste, smell and sight) to guide you as to whether something is still ok to use
  • Have a drip tray on the bottom shelf of your fridge for meat, it prevents the risk of any leakage from the packaging transferring to other items stored below (commonly the vegetable bins)
  • Be careful with leftovers, they need to be reheated until they are piping hot – especially rice
  • Have a couple of chopping boards, marked for different use. I have a small board for onion and garlic, another for meat and another for everything else. Scrub down your boards with a dash of dish washing liquid and hot water and leave to dry somewhere it can air