Easy Peasy Tasty Gravy 

Sometimes you would think the gravy was the main event in our house. At the end of the meal there is a rush for any remaining gravy which is slurped up with spoons. Making gravy is really simple and there is just no comparison to the ready made stuff.

It all starts with the roasting dish. Over the years I have come to favour roasting in a deep cast iron dish. Once the meat is cooked and removed to rest, you have all the juices from the roasting which is the most critical component for a tasty gravy.

Place the dish on the hob and bring the juices up to a simmer, scraping the sticky bits down. Add two large (dessert) spoons of plain flour and mix with a whisk until you the juices and flour fully combined, it should resemble a roux…

Add 1 pint of hot stock and bring to the boil, then simmer for a few minutes. If it is too think add a little more hot water. Check for seasoning, I like to add a splash of Worcestershire Sauce for a a bit of colour. If you seasoned your meat before cooking you’ll probably find that that gravy doesn’t need any further seasoning added.

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