Nigellas Coffee Walnut Layer Cake

Mr Not Posh had a (very) significant birthday today. He’s not a sweet man – correction, he’s a very sweet man but he’s not a dessert man, so when asked what cake he might fancy I thought a coffee cake might do the trick.

My mum was hosting tonight, aided by the aunt of the bare fridge and the wise uncle (you know who you are) – it was a lovely evening and a very welcome break for Mrs Not Posh.

Mum made Nigellas coffee walnut layer cake. It was very very good, in fact I had a nano second to get a photo before it was demolished! This is what was left; and when I checked out this evening it looks just as it should. Highly recommended! Well done Mum x

One thought on “Nigellas Coffee Walnut Layer Cake

  1. Well I was the cook so I would agree! Such a quick recipe that looks great and tastes super when time is limited. And this Not Posh post gave us all a smile at the start of the day!


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