Open steak sandwich 

We had steak on the BBQ last night; 3 large sirloin steaks was too much for the 6 of us, so I held some back to use for lunch today. We also had a loaf of garlic and rosemary bread, which was a day past its best – steak sandwich here we come. It’s more assembly than cooking – the pictures will tell you everything you need to know…

Slice the bread about an inch thick and drizzle with olive oil. Toast on a griddle pan or pop it under the grill. 

 Smother with mayonnaise, this is an olive oil mayonnaise (Hellmans – which I spotted in the supermarket a few weeks back)

Covered with a couple of slices of ripe vine or beef tomatoes, along with some salt and pepper.

 Top with lettuce, the thinly sliced beef and fried onions.

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