Propagating Mint 

Mint is one of the easiest things to grow and one plant that you never need to buy because it is so simple to propogate. Simply get a sprig of mint, pop it in a glass of water and within a matter of days it will have grown roots. When the roots are an inch or so in length stick in a pit with some soil. You can transfer it into a garden tub and it will self propagate. For this reason don’t plant it straight into the garden as it will take over and roots make the soil really matted, making it difficult to grow anything else.

In the winter it will die back, I just leave mine and in the summer it flourishes, year after year.

The little pot above is a freshly propagated sprig of what I call “ordinary” variety mint; which is great for in jugs of water, minted new potatoes, fruit salads and garnishing. The tub below is a year old and is spearmint. I’ll be harvesting this soon to make mint jelly and mint sauce – both of which are great Christmas presents. Oh and don’t forget – mint tea, a great remedy for an unsettled stomach.  

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