Love you lots…like Jelly Tots ❤️ Party treats for kids

Is it just me or is jelly making a come back? Top of the list for the kids birthday party food this year was Jelly Cups. They don’t really warrant a recipe – these ones are tropical, but traffic light layers are good fun too! Start the day before, you need around 4 hours between each colour to ensure you get a defined layer.


These marshmallow pinwheels are also really popular. You can buy the chocolate disks in Lidl, they are covered in hundreds & thousands sprinkles. Simply melt some cooking chocolate and drop a small amount onto the chocolate side of the disk. Stick a marshmallow between two and leave to set.


Party bake cakes are really great for large parties – simply cook a large rectangular sponge cake, or a Madeira, ice with butter cream and decorate by sectioning into squares. Its the easiest way to get a neat slice of cake – this one served 24!

Party Tray Bake

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