Lean & Mean Fillet Steak

Eating Lean? Then treat yourself to a ultra lean fillet steak – this packs in a whole heap of your B vitamins. Here I have served it with some parsnip and kumara (sweet potato) chips and fresh green beans as its winter food, but you could alternatively serve it with a lovely big salad. This is simple healthy food at it’s very best.

Serves 2


  • 2 fillet steaks (size of your choice)
  • 1 large parsnip
  • 1 medium kumara (sweet potato)
  • Drizzle coconut or olive oil
  • Green beans
  • Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 200°. Place some baking paper on a baking tray and a small drizzle of oil.

Top and tail and peel the parsnip, cut length ways into quarters. Slice out the hard core if it is woody. Scrub the kumara (no need to peel) and cut into 1cm slices lengthways. Place on the baking paper, and drizzle a little oil over, season with salt and pepper. Cook until soft on the inside and crisp on the outside (25 – 30 minutes).

In the meantime, trim the beans and bring a small pan of water to boil. Salt the water and cook the beans for 3 – 4 minutes. Remove them from the water using a slotted spoon and place into a bowl of cold water. This keeps them nice and bright green. Turn the water down as you will plunge the beans back in just before serving to heat them up again.

Check your chips, and turn them over so they are browning evenly.

Heat a small frying pan to maximum temperature. Rub just a few drops of oil onto each side of your steak and season it.

Fillet Steak

Fry the steak in the dry pan, turning after 3 – 4 minutes. Cook to your desired style, the time will depend on the thickness of the steak and how rare you want it. Take the pan off the heat,  cover with a plate to rest. The trapped steam will create a little juice to pour over.

Turn the bean water back up to a boil and when boiling, drop the beans back in just for a minute to reheat.

Plate up (hot plate) with a stack of chips, a pile of green beans and a drizzle of the cooking juices over the steak.

Lean Fillet Steak with Parsnip & Kumara Chips







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