Super charged breakfast smoothie

This is a delicious, quick & super healthy way to start the day. You should be able to find some variant to these branded ingredients in your local supermarket, health food store or online.

You will need a blender or nutri-bullet to make this smoothie.


  • Chilled water
    2 scoops vanilla pea protein powder (I use Arbonne)
    1 scoop of spirulina powder (I use Arbonne greens balance)
    1/4 avocado (unless it’s a small one then use 1/2)
    1/2 cup frozen greens (I use Oob supercharge smoothie mix which has kale, apple, kiwi & mint, this isn’t featured on their website so here’s a photo below)

Fill your blender cup half way with chilled water, add the remaining ingredients and blitz. Add a few ice cubes & enjoy.

📸 credit mama_mia

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